Here’s How to Sell Old Money Directly & Online

Here’s How to Sell Old Money Directly & Online

Talking about money, of course, there are always new models that are printed every time replacing the old money model. Usually, if a new version is released, the public cannot wait to have it soon. Old-fashioned money began to be abandoned. Some people exchange it for new models, some save it.

It’s not just a collection, but a belief when the old money has a high selling value, higher than the nominal value. Sure enough, now many collectors are looking for old money with fantastic prices even touching hundreds of millions.

In general, there are two ways to sell old money, namely (A) Direct Selling, and (B) Selling Online. Here we will discuss.

Here It Is How to Sell Old Money

For those of you who have an old money collection and want to sell it, here is a review of how to sell old money:

1. Selling directly

Selling old money directly is the best solution because you can find buyers directly. This can also minimize fraud. And of course, negotiations can take place well and safely. If you live in Semarang, you can sell it to the old town Klithikan market.

This market is a place to hunt for antiquities and collectors. If you are in Jakarta, just come to the Pasar Baru shopping area, Central Jakarta. While for those who live in a solo city, you can sell it on the Saturday Karanganyar market.

2. Selling online

How to sell old ancient money
How to sell old / ancient money

In addition to selling it directly in special markets, buying and selling antiques, other old ways of selling money are online systems. You can advertise by uploading old money that is for sale on online buying sites or marketplaces such as bukalapak, lazada, olx, tokopedia, and other well-known marketplaces.

The trick, download the online trading application from Google Playstore or your smartphone app store. Then register using e-mail, mobile number or Facebook account. After registration is complete, upload the item and describe the items you will sell.

The high and low selling value of old money also depends on several factors such as conditions, scarcity of goods, and so on. Here are the old money specifications that determine the selling price of old money:

• Increasingly rare

The main factor that influences prices and the old way of selling money is scarcity. The rarer and the more antique the goods, the higher the selling price. Because of scarcity and uniqueness is an attraction for collectors.

• Quality and condition of money

The quality and old money conditions also affect the selling value. If there are stains or scratches in old money, the selling value can below. To make the money condition good, you need to recondition by applying pressure so that the smooth folds in the old money are lost.

If there are stains, you can also wash using special liquid so the stain is gone. But when the transaction, you need to inform that the old money has been reconditioned to maintain quality.

• old money variations 

The variation in question is a pretty old-fashioned money series number. In addition to old money, the beautiful variations in serial numbers on ordinary money can attract collectors to buy them at high prices.

For those who want to do old money transactions, you need to pay attention to the quality and condition of the money or called grading. This grading is determined by the national bank note society by setting its standards and has several types such as uncirculated, almost uncirculated, extremely fine, very fine, fine, very good, fair and poor.

Well, that’s the old way of selling money that you can do. Before starting the transaction, it’s good to first know the quality and condition of money or grading is worth selling so that your old money is hunted by collectors.

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