10 Scientific Benefits of Halal Meat for Our Health

10 Scientific Benefits of Halal Meat for Our Health

Meat is one of the most delicious foods. Besides that, it also belongs to healthy foods. That is why many restaurants include meats in their menus. In Islam, not all meats are halal. Only halal meats are allowed to be eaten by Muslims. Besides the Quran says that there are also many scientific benefits of halal meat. Of course, it is fascinating to be discussed. So, let’s see the following explanation below.

Scientifically Benefits of Halal Meat for Health

There are many health benefits of halal meat that you need to know. The following benefits have been proven scientifically. So, there is no doubt that we must eat halal foods only. Here are the benefits that you must know:

1. Low Incidence Rate of Poison and Contamination

We all know that there are many foods, especially meats that have contamination even contain poison. Halal meats have a low incidence rate of either poison or contamination. For your information, Muslims prepare halal meats with hygienic rules, and Islam sets it. So, compared to non-halal meats, halal meats are undoubtedly much safer to consume, and it has been proven scientifically.

2. Harmful Substances Are Taken Away

When the animal’s jugular vein is cut, you can see that the blood is drained out. It helps to take away the harmful substances from the animal’s meat. As we know, blood comprises a high level of uric acid that can damage the body of a human if consumed. With free of harmful substances, the meat is safer and healthier to eat. On the contrary, studies show that animals killed with other methods are not safe to consume because the meats consist of bacteria, e-coli poisoning, & other harmful substances. So, every animal must be slaughtered according to Islamic rules.

3. Free from Contaminated Blood

Scientific Benefits of Halal Meats
Scientific Benefits of Halal Meats

It also belongs to one of the scientifically healthy benefits of halal meat. When animals are slaughtered in a halal way, this keeps the animal organs intact. It means each organ loses the blood because it is wholly draining out. If other methods are used to kill animals, they can damage the animal organs & it means the organs will consist of contaminated blood. If meats with infected blood are eaten, of course, it can danger your health. For additional information, killing animals with a cut in their jugular vein can be considered as the most painless method. On the contrary, it is excruciating when animals are dripped in the boiling water or electrified.

4. Safe for Body and Mind

As it is mentioned above that one of the scientific benefits of halal meat is free from harmful substances. Related to it, meats that are free from harmful substances will not only safe for your body but also your mind. In fact, our thought is impacted by the food we consume. So, you can imagine what will happen if you eat non-halal meats that comprise bacteria, blood and & other harmful substances. Those will danger not only your body but also your mind.

5. Protecting Body from Diseases

The next scientific advantages of halal meat are to keep you away from diseases and to develop an immune system. As we know, halal meats are free from urine, blood, impurities and alcohol. That is why halal meats can protect your body from various diseases. In fact, urine, blood, alcohol, and contaminants are significant sources of infections.

Furthermore, halal meats can also scientifically make your immune system get stronger. As a result, your organs can function smoothly. Besides, halal meats are also beneficial to develop your body & mind well.

6. No Growth Hormone

Halal meats must be free from graze. Besides that, they should also not be treated with hormones or antibiotics. For your information, long term exposure to the growth hormone in the foods can cause problems for health. So, it is better to eat meats that are clear of unneeded chemicals. Since halal meats do not contain any unnecessary chemical, they are much safer to eat than those that contain unknown and unneeded chemicals.

7. No Antibiotic

Halal Meat usually produced by Animals that haven't given Antibiotics
Halal Meat usually produced by Animals that haven’t given Antibiotics

Antibiotic is often used in the production of meat. Unfortunately, antibiotics can cause a high risk of health problems. Here, halal meats give you a solution for healthier food. So, we can say that one of the scientific benefits of halal meat is that there is no antibiotic contained in halal meats. It means eating halal meats reduces the risk of some potential diseases from non-halal meats.

8. No Preservative

No preservative can also be considered as one of the excellent advantages of halal meat. For your information, notorious preservatives mostly can trigger chemical changes, and it can lead to cancer and problems of red blood cells. Fortunately, halal meats are fresh, and they do not contain any preservative compound. It means consuming halal meats reduce the risk of cancer.

9. No Pesticide

The content of pesticide in the production of halal meat is much fewer. Even more, some of them are free from pesticide. As we know, a pesticide is dangerous for health. So, halal meats that are free from pesticides are certainly healthier than any other meat that uses pesticides in production.

10. Grass-fed Animals

Grass-fed Animals have Good Halal Meats Sciencetifically
Grass-fed Animals have Good Halal Meats Sciencetifically

Mostly, halal meats come from grass-fed animals. Scientifically, grass-fed meats have higher concentrations of omega-3 fats, conjugated linoleic, vitamins, and antioxidants. Besides that, they also have a lower level of saturated fat. You need to know that grass-fed beef contains 50% higher of omega-3 than non-halal or non-organic meat. So, we can see how grass-fed meats offer much better health than other meats.

Now, we all know that there are so many scientific benefits of halal meat. Some many kinds of research and studies have proven it. That is why we all Muslims have to be sure that we only eat halal foods. Since halal meats are scientifically healthier than non-halal meats, everyone should prefer eating halal meats, including Non-Moslems. Hopefully, this will be useful for everyone, not only Muslims but also Non-Muslims.

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